Picture of Lloyd Tripp And The Zipguns - Whos' The Fool ?

Lloyd Tripp And The Zipguns - Whos' The Fool ?
  • Article No: Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5624

Product description

Strap on your rocket pack, slick up with grease, zip on the shoes and get ready to ride that rocket.
Rockin' Lloyd will have you blasting into space with that fancy-spancy bass playing of his and wear a new hole in your dance shoes.


01.:Do Me Like She’s Done
02.:You Should’a Said From the Start
03.:That Train
04.:Hold Back
05.:Who’s the Fool?
06.:Holdin’ You
07,:I Want Your Love
08.:When Your Baby Wants to Rock
09.:Sittin’ Here Waitin’
10.:One Way Daddy
11.:So Sad, So Lonely ‘n So Blue
12.:Why’d You Tell Me

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