Picture of Hot & Wild - Various Artists

Hot & Wild - Various Artists
  • Article No: Cherokee Records CHER CD 504113


01.:The TriSonics - All I Ever Wanna Do
02.:Dust My Broom - They Call Me Wild
03.:The Prowlers - Can’t Hardly Stand It
04.:Saints & Sinners - Hot Lover
05.:Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Get High Get Low
06.:Mars Attacks - You’ll Never Break Me
07.:The Prowlers - I Just Can’t Win
08.:Truly Lover Trio - Forever Is Not For Us
09.:The Jailbirds - Three Cool Cats
10.:The Pinstripes - I Don’t Want Your Love
11.:The Slapbacks - I Was A Fool
12.:The Slapbacks - I Wanna Make Love With You
13.:The Jungle Tigers - Green Eyes
14.:Adam & His Nuclear Rockets - I’m Crazy
15.:Joe Clay - The Legend Is Now
16.:Mars Attacks - Four Tired Car
17.:Nu Niles - Rose In My Heart
18.:Rockin’ Rocket 88 - High Heel Booted Baby
19.:Johnny Loda - I Don’t Need
20.:Saints & Sinners - Whiskey Drink
21.:The Reptiles - Sworn To Fun Loyal To None
22.:Dust My Broom - Baby Won’t You Come Back
23.:The Jailbirds - As Long As I Live
24.:The Pinstripes - Funnel Of Love
25.:Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Johnny Are You Gay

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